Friday, 28 June 2013

A Tribute to a pioneer of Time Based Architecture - Mark Fisher

It was with great sadness to hear of the death of Mark Fisher on the 25th June. He was an architect and stage designer who transformed the world of rock concert and large scale live event design. Famed for his work with U2, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd Fisher, Cirque Du Soleil and Olympic opening ceremonies, Fisher was an innovator from his early days at the AA, where he studied during a time of radical experimentation.

His early work involved experiments with inflatable structures and pneumatic architecture, influenced by the work of Archigram. This led Fisher to develop his own language of temporary deployable architectural systems. This language quickly found home in the temporary festivals and live shows of the emerging youth culture.

Fisher’s work reflected his relationship with the youthful counter cultures of the time. His drawings and speculative projects embraced a spirit of hedonism and playful freedom. Soon he was to find himself designing stage structures at the Isle of Wight festivals with engineer Antony Hunt, eventually leading to his phenomenal career as a pioneer in entertainment architecture and stage design.

His work brought joy and delight to millions and will remain an inspiration.