Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Complex Unity of all things.

For many architects the drawing of a reflected ceiling plan can quickly turn into a monotonous task of illustrating hundreds of standardised components on a homogenous 2 dimensional surface.
David Stephenson however in his monographic book ‘Heavenly Vaults’ reveals the art of the reflected ceiling with powerful images of Gothic vaulting from ancient stonemasons and monastic orders. These magical compositions read like oriental graphic devices used for centring the mind. Indeed the architectural experience would have had exactly that effect coupled with the visceral effect produced by the soaring heights of these structures.
With the religious iconography generally obscured, these images become a reminder of the vast well of human potential that exists and upon which we build our society today. The structures, serve as pointers for all humanity and not achievements in the name of a single domination or clan. The elevated patterns guide us towards the complex unity and interconnectedness that lies inherent in all things. They are the result of deep insight from our ancestors who have left behind these structures as expressions of the sublime.